Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Heart Of Gold...

Every time I give to charity of some kind it feels like a blessing.I hate when people who are able to give rather much, hold back in greediness instead.

How much better wouldn´t this world be if we shared more of our overflow to others in need?

Let that be a reminder for 2010 to be a giver to others in need, especially to give to servants or organizations who bless those in need in one way or the other.

To only keep the money for yourself won´t make you any happier, but to share to those in any corner of the earth who maybe can´t even find food for the day, that is to do real good!

I am not raising a fund for that here, but the richest people in this world should really listen to their conscience better and give more. 

Let all, whatever you do flow out from this that you take care of others and show your pure heart in this.When I began to type in  on YouTube I got the result heartless....This shows what is the most natural in this world, namely to be heartless and not show a kind heart in what you do instead.

Therefore I want to share a video with a kind heart here:


xox-Missi Mi-xox said...

So true Mattias ... if only 1 person gave justthat bit extra it would help many more .... hopefully with people like you around reminding us all it just may happen some day .. take care .. hope you have had great holidays


Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Missi!

I am glad you stopped by.Yes, true principals are working when we practise them.Yes I had great holidays and I hope you had too:)