Friday, January 1, 2010

I look at the past and then forward

When I look at the former decade I can see that a lot of dramatical things has happened.We have had the fight against the terrorists, especially after 11 Septh. 2001, we have had the speculations on if and when a new IT-bubble(that never came), will blow.There have been those new attempts to save the environment, the traditional industry has been forced to realize that it has to renew their thinking to figure out how they will be able to use the internet and other new technology and we got the financial crisis.

Many seems to have forgot that we also had several good, stronger financial years in the midst of the 2000 decade but that is the nature of humans, for the most we only remember the bad things and forget to be thankful for the good years!

So, now in the very early 2010, what will happen? Are you the prophet? ....hehehe...

Just stick with your vision and work online with patience and with the methods you have taught.Never listen to those who want to hurt you, but stick with trustworthy friends....

Those who want to do you harm will only hurt themselves, that´s like a law.But better, those who cooperate with you, will be blessed and you should also bless them back, of course!

We are free to have our own opinions, but if we held something against another person we will become bitter and we will only cause problems for ourselves.

That´s my words of wisdom for 2010, stick with righteous people! 

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