Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I am in profit since a while ago in Genius Funds, the best investment opportunity right now.You know, when it comes to those HYIP:s you just have to check their record, payments and so on to check if they are reliable, so therefore it´s good that opportunities like Genius Funds are staying for long in business.This investmentprogram isn´t that risky but an opportunity with a rather low risk instead, a safe program.

I would want to see more non-HYIP:s being developed, but the real attractive long term ones requires trustworthy, dedicated and honest admins indeed.

Let´s hope and pray that we will see more long term programs this year, cause that kind of opportunities are the only opportunities I will want to join.We have all been burnt, so this year we want to put the flame against the scammers to let them be forced to flee instead.

I will stick to my vision this year and continue to build up my multiple income streams.

A new opportunity I have joined is Golden Fleece Fund and they are buying and selling with precious metals.They have 4 levels of investmentplans in the golden fleece plan, they have a trial plan as well, and you can start with 10 dollars on the first level and it pays 2,5% daily!

They have a clean record with payments and it is very important, of course.Always do your research cause the good admins are out there as well:)

That was all for this time on the investorfront!
Stay tuned for more!

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