Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Never Give Up The Vision

I surfed my daily 15 sites on Adventures4U.

I have never given up on this revenue sharing program, especially not as they now are doing TV-commercials for the goldsite, TradingGold4Cash!

We know that Adventures4U ran into difficulties of different reasons, but who said that they can´t rise from that? Don´t judge too fast...

The vision has always been there and if members can stick with a vision of this outside revenue stream, which benefits the member of Adventures
then we should see real good results of this and other campaigns.

This shows us one thing! Never give up on a vision!

I am featuring a member of Get Your Blog Followers each week and if you join our group and get involved, you could be the one who gets that attractive exposure!

Music Maestro! This, an old master from the 80:s, Ultravox:  

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