Sunday, January 17, 2010

Time For Quality

You have to be aware that if you are planning to invest in HYIP:s you are taking a real risk and often a too big risk.There are a few sound investment opportunities out there that are sounder and I will only stick with them.You can check the best of them amongst my opportunities.

All depends on the ones who are running the company of course and the model as well!

Always diversify and if you get a bad feeling about a certain investment, or if you see some red flag on them, don´t invest at all.

Therefore I always diversify as mentioned and also try to chose the best amongst the revenue sharing programs like MegaTraffic4U! I am building up my earnings there.They have good admins!

This is a revenue sharing which have had a rather slow start but I believe it has potential to rise with its outside revenue streams and they are here for the long run.They are asking for advises from some MLM leaders now, so let´s see what that can lead to.

Of course a company needs good growth but even if it starts out slow it can begin to climb later...

The best part of my business right now is my savings in funds which are placed in Europe and funds which are investing in Asia and Russia as well.I am diversifying there and am at a 622 dollar plus there in pure profit.Those funds are mostly investing in the stockmarket, metals and one specific is an ethical fund.

Get some tips on funds at HQ Bank, which is placed in Sweden.Here you have funds with risks to some extent, but more trustworthy than those HYIP:s anyway.

I also have plans to include stock trading in my portfolio in time and I am educating myself in that area right now.

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