Sunday, January 10, 2010

Unique Style

To run a blog requires some skills.You need to put some questions to yourself:

What do I want with my blog?
What kind of readers do I want to reach?
How much features do I need for that?

Some bloggers thinks that they have to include every tool they can come over and this can be a mistake as well as it can be necessary with the right tools.

Ask yourself, which tools do meet my needs for the kind of blog I am running...

This can be useful tips along the way and of course we have different needs as we are running different kind of blogs.

Some are focusing very much on the layout when others are focusing more on the content in the blog.My tip is to try to have a balance, so your readers don´t get too overwhelmed by all the features but can find your important message in the whole.

Then we want a theme that fits our need, but if we have that, we should allow us to be satisfied and not constantly frustrated.

Well, to improve slightly for every day I would recommend, don´t copy what others are doing, find your niche and unique style for your blog! 

You can´t please everyone but if you get encouraging comments and good feedback from time to time, you are on the right way.

That was all for today, see you!

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