Sunday, January 31, 2010

YOU Need To Act!

We networkers have get used to so many things....

We have heard that only 3% succeed in this business and that it is a high failure rate of nearly 95-97%.We have heard that there are certain seasons where the internet business goes up and down, for example, it goes down when it comes close to Christmas, and it use to go up very strong in the beginning of every year.

This year we have seen that it was not that "up" period in the beginning of 2010 as we had expected.

I believe that we are going into a period of internet business where we are getting more near to the same scheme as we can see in the physical business world, and we have to chose if we only will be "playing games" or if we will build our real business online which we want to hold for years instead.

An opportunity where the admins think long term all the way is definitely:

It is a business opportunity, a revenue sharing program with several outside revenue streams which makes it solid.If you want to upgrade and earn from the revenue share every week, you can start with only 10 dollars and you are required to surf only 50 sites a week.

Take a look!

Every program needs its membergrowth, but it also needs its strong, solid foundation for years to come if they want to stay for long.

What you really do, more than you are claiming or saying prooves if you are serious or not.

YOU need to act!!

Too many networkers have suffered from broken promises from admins that don´t deliver what they promise, so 2010 we have to see a real change in this online business world, so we can see a more sustainable business forward and more of real business thinking.

If you work hard, you can be convinced that you are creating the potential for better periods to come! That isn´t luck, that is common sense!


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