Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Avoid Fraud

How can you avoid fraud?

Simply by checking the facts.If you, for example, get a fraudelent email where they claim that you have got a new password for your account in Facebook  by an attachment you should ask yourself, can I still log in with my old password? If so, check your accountdetails and check what contactemail you have there.If it´s another, then you have recieved a try to fraudelent email and you should warn others cause it is criminals wanting to get your personal details and also in the end your money, of course.

The first money I made in this internet business I made in NewNetMail which is private internetmail where you don´t have that @-symbol cause everyone who want to send you a message must have your permission to do so.


I learnt to stay safe on the net in this private internetmail.

With that said, it isn´t a riskfree venture to build your internet business, but you must act out from your knowledge and grow for every day you are working.

So, learn by experienced marketers to avoid the fraud, scams and other "tricks" by online criminals.

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