Saturday, February 6, 2010

Let´s Move Forward!

An admin that is honest doesn´t need to hide for others and doesn`t want to hide either.An admin that is manipulative and dishonest has to hide his dirty motives all the time so that even experienced networkers will have a hard time to figure out if he wants to do fair and honest business or not.

I am always trying to do my research, but sometimes it´s hard.The opportunities I am in are truly good and have quality but the number of bad programs and dishonest admins are too many, unfortunately...(I am not in them now, but have, of course seen them)

The problem here is that to do business online is only a "game" for too many networkers and they want that "excitement" on the surface to fill their "playing needs".I can agree that it has to be fun, but it´s not a gambling for me.

We who want to do real business can have a hard time in a time like this, with the still going on crisis, to find the best opportunities, but they are still there even if it´s hard to find them.

I have mentioned Adventures4U and the continuation with TradingGold4Cash there 

and they have started to pay again, even if it´s still rather small payments and not every week, they are paying.They are advertising the goldsite on TV and we will eventually see the results from it.

As what some other admins have seen when it comes to revenue sharing programs, they need to have outside revenue streams which stabilize the revenue share back to the members who do their part for qualifying in the share.

As I can see, this is a very sound model and it should be an outside stream which is found through market analyzis!

Send in your broken jewelry and get up to 70% of the market value for it, this is true!

Let´s move forward networkers!!

Ps. Recently I made a profit of 250 dollars from a russian fund when I sold shares Ds.


Hana Shamsul said...

i dont really know much about this networking stuff..and..actually what kind of business are you doing?

SB said...

hey -- found you on blogcatalog. just trying to build my blog network and considering trying to make something more out of it.

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Hana!

They are an advertising company so I invite people to join the program and then they can chose if they want to use it as a free member or upgrade to possibly participate in the revenue share.
Then I am saving funds too so I am in the advertising business and also I am an investor.

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi SB!

Yes, blogcatalog is a very good network, I agree:)