Saturday, February 13, 2010

Real People Real Money

Are you using your common sense or are you a complicated person? Be honest and answer honestly.

I am not perfect but I am honest and I love logical thinking and common sense.If I must chose who to be with I always chose people with much of common sense and they always seems to like me as well, but complicated people are just.....complicated, right?

I have been in the internet business long enough to have the experience to see that certain models amongst programs work better than others and I have seen that many just are following the masses and are not thinking themselves.

This can be dangerous as we can learn of history that many of the dictators have exploited this and have been manipulated the masses!

Stick to the truth and listen to your heart even if the pressure is on!

Be honest and love people and animals!

Remember we are real people online as well and if we are doing business we are dealing with real money and not playing money!

I am poetrymusic, I am Mattias!

Happy Valentine´s Day!


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