Sunday, February 21, 2010

Keep It Sustainable

A tip to every founder of revenue sharing programs and investment opportunities here.

Do your market analyzis for quality funds in areas where they have good economical growth.

Right now, you should buy shares in funds that invest in the eastern part of Europe and add those funds either as outside revenue streams to your advertising company or right from the beginning design your opportunity in combination with those marketresearched funds.

This should create more sustainable revenue sharing programs and investment(HYIP:s and non-HYIP:s) opportunities overall.

I don´t have all the facts but I write out from my experience and knowledge in this area and sometimes I blog about other things as well as I know I have less experienced readers as well.

Learn by experience as the sayin` goes.

Although, my posts are for all who are interested:)

As I wrote yesterday, my shares in funds have begun to recover again and are on their way on plus again.

I bought shares in an indexfund in Sweden for
670 dollars today.

If a founder wants to create a successful opportunity, study the best and write down the main reasons why they are doing so well and why they are in business for so long.

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