Monday, March 1, 2010

The Acts Of Faith

How do you change your current situation? Through faith.
How do you put a vision on action? Through faith!

Whatever you want to achieve in your life you need faith to make it happen and you must dare to take that step in faith to move forward...

The economical market goes up and down but you are dependant on your conviction to hold on to your vision.Changes will come if you act in the right way and as the saying:"You can move a mountain with a strong faith!"

What do you need right now? A job? A car?

Write down your vision and say to yourself, this is going to happen!

Not maybe, not perhaps, it will happen!

Faith speaks, faith repeats and it acts!

Get rid of your concerns and stick to your faith instead, it is that which will make the changes to happen!     


Sally Lee™ said...

I agree with this 110%!! My husband & I use Dream Boards to visual our goals and we look at it each day and read the words or look at the pictures to solidfy our works...that is how I am living at the beach now. Faith is a beautiful thing!

Mattias Kroon said...

Right Sally!

We need dreams and we have the right to dream.