Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chose The Long Terms!

Today it is time for a real warning for those HYIP:s which are very shortterm programs.Now I know that some of the investments are long terms too, they are REAL TRADERS and I have one good of them on my list of opportunities there.

The real definition of a ponzischeme is one scamartist who promise a ridicolous high return on investment to tempt new investors to make very high deposits.After a very short time those scamartists run when they have fooled too many innocent victims with their pockets filled of course.They will try their confidence trick on you.....

A serious investment has a long term thinking, they let you edit your account so you can be able to include more details of another payment processor if necessary and overall, they care for you as a member without confidence tricks, but they are amongst investments rather few.

If you, as an admin, want to see a better future for not only investments, but also for revenue sharing programs, then found your programs on the long term and make better conditions for members as well.

Those short terms will end after a short while and every networker who wants to find real business opportunities have to do the research and ask trustworthy sources for real info and not manipulated, so called "facts".

And as a clear sign, if you want to find a trustworthy investment, avoid every short term program and examine it so they are real traders, a long term investment and if they allow you to include necessary info on your account, cause sometimes you need to edit your account.

The opportunities I recommend on my list there are real opportunities with good admins.

WbWso  is not an investment opportunity, it´s a business opportunity where they are buying and selling(when they have improved the site) sites, and you are able to get your share of the profits(real profit)  if you have purchased a package or more.
As you can see, it is recommended on my list of opportunities there.

Have a nice weekend, avoid the traps and be prosperous in YOUR business! 

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