Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big And Valued Traffic

Without further education and not only this "playing the games" mentality, your business will go back.When I learned about the principals to find the most recommended funds through market analyzis and through recommendations of MorningStar my business took a big step forward and I realized that I will make better money now and YES, the profit is going up now.

Learn to build YOUR OWN BUSINESS, not to be too dependant of others all the time.

Unfortunately too many networkers are too lazy to learn new skills and if you aren´t "playing the games" exactly like they do, they want to describe you as a "small marketer" or something like that.

If I make better money on my shares in Fidelity International, for example, I will set my focus there and not waste money in short term programs which most truly will vanish very soon.

So, if you only want to "play games" online, continue to do so, but if you want to build a REAL business, you have to learn new skills as how to trade in the forex market, how to do your research to find the best funds or stocks(there are definitely good advisers for that), or learn to have the patience to find programs that will last longer and stay in them!

I believe in webucation overall online and the internet business is no exception at all.

In this time there should be a new push forward for advertising companies and revenue sharing programs like MegaTraffic4U, take a look at it and get your valued traffic to your sites! 

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