Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Big In The Tiny Details

Hi Bloggers!

I am a candidate for the POTW, Person Of The Week again on AdlandPro,  a good community with over 100 000 members.

The link there is directing to my poetryforum there and if you are a member of Adland I would be glad if you want to vote for me in that coming contest.

The funds I have shares in are going strong again and especially the russian fund.I would strongly suggest funds recommended by Morningstar to be considered as the outside revenue stream if you have an advertising company, or as an object for investing if you have or have plans for an investment company(long term), online.Of course I recommend the opportunities on my list there for every networker and investor here who are following my blog here.

Do you like to travel? The picture from above is from a travel to Riga last year on a boat and I find it very fun and creative to take some photos when I travel abroad.The topic for my blog here Creative Marketer has more than a business purpose, it has to do with life itself, to be creative overall and find the BIG in the tiny details.

Have you checked out MegaTraffic4U yet? If not, it´s a long term revenue sharing and advertising program:

Ok, have a nice and prosperous week ahead!

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