Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blinded By Light?

There seems to be a blindness in this time in many networkers lives so they don´t see or are aware of what they are doing.
I recoqnize when I have found a way to work in my business which is unlike some others of working or "playing" as many call it, then this causes the effect that they claim their way of doing business is the only way.

We work in different ways and as I can see my investments in the funds I have in my portfolio generates the best profit, I should continue to work in that direction and I have great interests in both funds and stocks.

Then I am also sure it is 100% legal and more of real income.

So, a good advice to investors who are planning to found a new investment, don´t call it HYIP, call it something else, MRIP(Middle Risk Investment Program), instead.Then you should build much more credibility and with credibility comes the possibility to stay longer in business:)


I would think so.....

Be logical and reasonable! Get rid of fear and Listen to what experienced networkers has to say!!

10DollarsWonder  is cycling again and it is amazing that a rather simple system like that has existed for many years now and still is working.It is an advertising company where you purchase positions towards your advertising and your site will be seen by others as an offer to them.You also earn an amount on your positions when they are cycling.

Open your eyes and don´t be blinded by false light!

Open your eyes for new possibilities and share your experience with others.

Thank you for your time! 


Reyna said...

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Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Reyna!

Can you give me the link to your blog?