Friday, March 26, 2010

Deep Pupils

I more and more believe in education via internet and I believe we will see more and more of it.It isn´t so that pupils not have a need to go to physical schools but imagine the great potential now and in the future in when it comes to this.

When you are reading others blogposts, with hopefully great quality, of course, then you understand that education comes that way indeed!

So, what is happening on the business scene?

My shares in the funds are going up and that is not a coincidence, not at all.

Again, if you are an admin and wants to find a strong outside revenue stream for your program, my tip to you is to search for recommended russian funds at Morningstar. 

I recommend the following site to find good funds in the eastern part of Europe where many funds are doing great right now, East Capital.

What do you like for kind of music?

I am a great fan of Deep Purple and I saw them here when they visited our town latest.Enjoy their very artistic heavy rock right here, a "goddie" from -69:


Robbin said...

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Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Robbin!

I am following your now in return.Good luck with business and be prosperous!