Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do You Build Your Business?

You have to find YOUR business!

I gather all the things I am doing under one roof, in other words, in my portfolio and the concept I have which I am blogging about, that is my business....Creative Marketing Concept!

What works and what doesn´t work? You have to put those questions to yourself.

I am in profit from the funds where I have bought shares, they are on the plus again and the best thing is that those funds exists for years....

This is one fund I recommend of those which is focused on the ethical areas and it is called Carnegie Worldwide Ethical and now they haven´t an affiliate program connected to them but you can contact them for buying and selling with funds through them.

If you are building YOUR business and you obviously are branding yourself, you should soon see result from that and also have a win-win situation in connection to other associates.

Brand Yourself!

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