Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ethical Business United

Do you want the truth about online business?

I want to give you an advice here. 

Stop right now what you are doing! Don´t register for any more program until you are absolute certain that it´s a long term business that you can trust on.

If you don´t want to loose that money again, make the decision that you only pick those programs that have been online for long or that you by some other reason know that it´s an honest admin in that opportunity.

This is the only way to make it hard for those scamartists online.

Every opportunity online should be like Genius Funds where I am in profit since a while back but unfortunately I have lost some money in some other scams instead.

It isn´t that easy to know which program is a scam or not, it can look good from the beginning, but you have to listen to trustworthy sources, you have to make a googlesearch on that name and so on....

As I mentioned in the beginning, if you recently have lost money, STOP what you are doing and ONLY listen to trustworthy sources. 

Let us honest marketers and affiliates make life real hard for the criminals and scamartists online and let us together share tips on the BEST opportunities, not the WORST!!  


Sherry said...

Very nice article. Lots of good info.

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Sherry!

You know, I owe the members in my group to deliver articles of quality:)