Friday, March 12, 2010

From Low To High Risk

Now we see a new trend of HYIP:s online and I remember the first HYIP I was in, I invested a low amount and got paid once but never more and that was a couple of years ago.

Have they change since then?

If you check out my opportunities I do recommend the investments there and other opportunities there with a good conscience.If you would register for the best there I can tell you I am in profit since long ago in that one.

Are they typical HYIP:s?

They are more safe than the most HYIP:s and here is the interesting question:

Why do all investments have to be HYIP:s?

When I invest in usual funds with shares of 10 270 dollars I know some very good things about them.They have existed for years and they have a good standing and ranking at Morningstar.Some of them are low risk, some are middle risk and only one is a high risk fund.

Why shouldn´t we see that spectra when it comes to investment opportunities online and not only HYIP:s?

I just roll out the question if you would think a while about it.I can imagine that most of the HYIP:s which are started right now are gone before next winter or even earlier.Are you in profit in them by then or......?

Use your common sense!

An advice here, diversify your purchasings and investments online and don´t spend more than you can affoord to loose:)

I can tell you, the real BIG MONEY comes with education, experience and knowledge in what you are doing, read that carefully once again.....

Therefore I am very careful what to register right now and I only chose opportunies that either have existed for a long time already or at least have an admin with a good rep. and have a potential to be a long term....

Now, to that education.....


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