Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Learn The Way

The funds where I have bought shares are on their way up again after a temporary way down.This is savings on the long term and you have to "wait" in the right moment to sell if you shall make a profit.You also have to read about the fund, check out if they are low, middle or high risk funds.

Then you have to check the Morningstar ranking on the specific fund and believe me, their ranking system on the funds is very useful.

One of the funds that I am investing in is Carnegie Worldwide Ethical, and their focus is to invest in ethical areas of the market.

As I mentioned, 10DollarsWonder has a stable cycling once again and if you are looking for a trustworthy admin and an opportunity which has been online for several years, you should join now.

Here are some useful advises to be one step ahead of others:

1.Don´t spend more money than you can afford to loose
2.Learn from trustworthy networkers
3.Take a little risk but not too high!
4.Blog about the ethical business if you want to make money on the long term.
5.Help others and always create a win-win situation

Check out the following video about the goldmarket:

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