Saturday, March 20, 2010


What do you have for kind of opinion?

I have discovered that when it comes to certain areas of sensitive subjects then the debate turns to be very subjective.

It can be a question of political views to how people are living their lives.I am conservative in my opinions and often when one hold on to conservative values in today´s society others can interpretate that as one is "judging" others and that isn´t at all the case, at least not for me.

In my world democracy exists not only on the paper but also in the real world.I respect those who are having another political opinion than myself, but on the other side, I am not afraid to stick to my own opinion either.

That´s true democracy for me...

In our group Get Your Blog Followers, we meet and face all sorts of opinions from right to left on the political scale and we have to respect one another, cause that is the world we live in!

Just take the good and inspiring from others blogs whether it is a question of businessblogs, blogs of various interests , take the inspiring parts with you and see it as a "travel" of education and experience in life where you are curious to learn something new every day.

So, today I hadn´t a post about the opportunities I share with you, but something important as well.

Enjoy your weekend and.......

a friendly touch from Mattias!

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