Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Art

Remembering my positive words and expressions?

Here they come but in a different way.....

1.Take the bad with the good, turn every situation to the best
2.Replace bad associations with good associations
3.When you feel bad, remind yourself about the latest time you had a great success in your life
4.When you are getting mad about something, remind yourself about that we all are humans
5.Be glad of others success!
6.Do this exercise, count to 20 slowly and then start on something new in your life....

Those exercises shouldn´t at all be underestimated and those who claim that positive thinking doesn´t help don´t know its power.

It´s called the art of renewing the mind and you have to exercise to know its power.If you want to be a great blogger, let the gold come forth in your life.If you want to achieve the desire of your heart, let passion make your decisions!

This is the art of positive words and expressions knowing that everything isn´t easy in life but you have to know that there lies a special power in those expressions and sometimes you need to write them down.....

7.What have you achieved?
8.Something better?
9.If not, do the exercise again
10.Share them with someone else and bless people!

Have a nice weekend wonderful bloggers!

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