Thursday, April 22, 2010

Improve Slightly

Thursday and our hockeyteam here in town is in the final of the top leauge here in Sweden so it will be exciting as it is 2-2 by now so the following matches will be absolutely crucial.

I know from some sign ups that are tracked that I have readers who sign up for different opportunities but don´t comment here on my blog.I don´t recieve comments on every post but I know that the readers are there all the time. 
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What do you want to achieve with your blog? Are you here to get customers for your blog?

Do you want to share your daily adventures or do you simply want to make friends online?

Try to get the answers on those questions and you have a clear direction to work after and naturally several goals that appears on the way of your online ventures and adventures.

Blogging for me doesn´t ever become too much routine even if some patterns in my writings seems to come back.I strive for renewing my blogging and want to share interesting articles with you.

And another tip, try to analyze what makes an article interesting and what kind of articles that gets your attention so you can improve your blogging slightly from day to day.

You are welcome to comment here or contact me anytime with your curious questions overall on blogging, including curiosity on my business as well, of course.

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