Saturday, April 17, 2010

Targeted Marketing

When I started out my online ventures I was taught to strive for a targeted marketing and I have seen during the years how important this is.It´s great with long downlines but it´s even greater to recruit members in a targeted way to get as many active members as possible.

We do often hear about downlines with many, many passive members but the best way of marketing in my point of view is to strive for active members, whether they are free or upgraded members in different kind of legal opportunities.

How are you doing that?

Internet marketing isn´t only about numbers, you have contact with real people and if you always strive for good quality in your marketing, you are going to see good results sooner or later and hopefully sooner....?

This is the base you got to have and you have to find those business opportunities which have the goal to be in business for a long time if you are striving for good quality.

And even if you want to make money, you got to have a passion for the specific products or services you are marketing.

Good news here, the funds where I am purchasing shares are doing very well and even if they aren´t going up every day, the curve is soon going up again.If you want to purchase shares in the right funds you got to have some education on this and one way to start is to read on Morningstar´s homepage for good tips!

Here, an amazing video for the weekend:

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