Friday, April 2, 2010

To see and be seen by others

We people have got different feelings.We are not always glad, we have got some temper in our lives as well.

Is this always wrong?

No, not at all.

I have often read that some drives this "positive thinking" too far and claim that it´s always wrong to have some temper in our lives and I disagree with that, cause if we want to see changes in the society we live in, then we have to react and do something about it.

Now I  am a glad person but I can´t close my eyes to things that is unfair in a time like this.

As I am a great fan of poetry I want to share a poem with the perspective on life here:

To see and be seen

I am surrounded by friends
Sometimes they see what I do
but sometimes they close their eyes
Do you want to be seen by others?

Have you been wandering in the desert?
Did you see the oasis in the midst of it all?
Did you drink the living water there?
It´s better to be alive than rude and unfair

Are you seen by others?
Recoqnize others gifts and they will see you
Move the mountains and discover the caves
Help others and you will be the one who saves

Fear is an obstacle
Your enemies are sometimes surrounding you
Discover new possibilites and the sea will sing
a new song for you and you will feel like a King!

To see and be seen by others
That´s a matter of celebrating attitudes
Don´t let stubborness steal your wisdom
You better be aware in your own kingdom.... 


tordsand said...

Great blog you have!

Hope you have added me to Twitter also?

Tord G. Sand

Mattias Kroon said...
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Mattias Kroon said...
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Heidi Walker said...

Thank you for sharing :-)

Happy day!!

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Tord!

I couldn´t add you on Twitter right away, but I will.

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Heidi!

Have a great day!