Saturday, April 3, 2010

Webucation, be a part of it

If we want to see this still going-on bad economy turns to something better, we just have to break this evil circle of fear which the economy is spinning in right now.Economists have to point out creative solutions to the future so people are buying and selling again cause it´s a simple fact that it is nothing else which turns a bad economy to something better.

Creative and smart solutions, new innovations of different kind in a new time.

When internet came the main use of it were to connect with others through the first emails and internet business wasn´t invented yet, but today when internet business is something very usual, people shouldn´t try to resist this development, but try to see the benefits of it.

Do you see the benefits of webucation or are you afraid of it?

This will not, as I see it, be something which will replace(many are afraid of that), offline education but it will be another important channel, media for education which you should be grateful for.

Finally the time is here when average "Joe" can be able to find quality education for a low cost online and he doesn´t necessarily has to travel a long ride to get access to certain education.

In my point of view this is fantastic and you should overall be grateful for all the benefits online in a time when "too old fashioned people" want to resist new technology and always hold up their "warning fingers" for every activity online.

I would think we will see a new breakthrough for online education in different aspects in this time, so hold your breath for new, creative articles from Creative Marketer!   


Dr. Heckle said...

I love the idea of online education. I've never taken any classes myself, but I have friends that have and they thought it was a great experience.

go-blogger said...
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Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Dr.Heckle!

Thanks for your response to the article.Yes, online education will be more and more important in my point of view.

Dr. Heckle said...

Hi Mattias,

Thanks for the reply. I've enjoyed the posts I've read so far.

Your post on blog catalog said that you would follow back. I'm following you, but haven't gotten a follow from you yet...

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi again Dr Heckle!

Many to follow you know, but now I am following you as well:)

Dr. Heckle said...


I look forward to your posts! We could all use more lessons in marketing... At least I know I could!