Sunday, May 2, 2010

Be Careful And Smart!

One has learnt that the admin is the program.If an opportunity faces weaker times it is up to the admin to try to find a good and constructive solution to make a more sustainable growth in the company.

How can it be possible that a business opportunity like 10DollarsWonder  has been online for so long?

Every time the program has faced weaker times the admin has found a constructive solution for better cyclings and growth in the system, (it is an advertising company).He has proven responsibility every time towards us members and the opportunity has been online several years.

The admin is the program and they should be fair to its members.

We can see a strange trend of short term HYIP:s right now getting very popular, but I don´t think that will last for so long, cause they disappear as quickly as they "pop up" and you shouldn´t invest a dime in those cheap programs.

With that said there are some real good, long term investment opportunities out there, as always do your research.....

Search for your long term revenue shares or investments and start to blog about the need of more ethical business overall, cause if it´s something that have lead to this crisis, it´s greediness and scamartists that only are making money by fooling others!

Honestly, as I see it, you merely have to learn the principals for buying and selling both funds and stocks to be successful online, you can add it to your portfolio and keep the best of other opportunities that works online, for example revenue sharing programs.

Therefore I am very careful where I put in my money and I definitely put in more money in definitely legal fundcompanies like East Capital

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