Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Unique Approach

If you are following my blog and read it regurlarly you may remember that I blogged about the "unique" approach in the former post and I want to develop that theme here.

If you only try to copy what someone else is doing this will never work, but if you take in some advises along the way and have your own style and approach to internet business, it will work better.

As I started my discussion "Get Your Blogger Followers in blogger I knew that something BIG would come! And then I have recieved 773 replies in that discussion! Now I have noticed that many, many networkers try to "clone" my concept there and start exactly the same discussions instead of having their followers in our discussion.I have no problem with competition online but if you think it´s that easy to achieve success online you are wrong.

You have to brand yourself, you got to have your own, unique concept when you are doing business online, and you have to put in some money as well in reliable opportunities to be able to succeed.Don´t ever be jealous but learn from others instead.

Anxiety won´t help you but faith instead.There is a learning curve to find the best opportunities and you have to do more than one search about a specific opportunity you want to register for and ask experienced marketers as well.

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