Thursday, May 27, 2010

Long Term Market Analyzis

If you want to do good business you just have to connect to the stockmarket and understand the principals of how it works.All traders are studying the market from day to day and decide if they want to buy or sell the actual day or if they are having shares in funds like me, one has to be cool sometimes and wait until the market is going up again.

Everything depends on the qualty of the stocks and funds of course, but also on the market´s turning up and down.Sometimes you have to trade a fund which doesn´t perform too good for the moment to a fund which is going up instead.

Are you with me?

One other key is to make a long term market analyzis to get a picture of how the curves should react, more on that later....

Those are also principals for the forex market and if you know how it works and try to develop some patience(not that easy always), along the way, you can become an experienced trader.You have to study the market every day to be successful.

The good thing with traditional funds and stocks is that you know that they invest in something REAL whether it is minerals, different industries, gold or what it could be.

Have this in mind, if you want to find a long term opportunity you have to know that they are real traders, that they have that products for sale or if it´s something else like a service, otherwise you have been scammed and you don´t want that to happen again, do you??

An education video on long term market analyzis here:

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