Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have often wondered, what makes it so tempting to join another opportunity, if it´s nothing but a scam? If you have seen many, many short term programs that have crashed lately, why spend more money into those?

Why not learn more about the principals for more serious trading with stocks and funds instead?

Now I have recommended opportunities on my list there to the right, but the most programs right now in this "niche" are definitely not reliable and the scamartists behind those are only interested in your money, not that you would be interested to reach profitlevel in their programs.

So, if you have found a reliable opportunity, focus only on that and reach profit level there, before you register for any other, cause if it´s a meaning with your business, it should be profitable, alright?

Only register for long term programs that have a BIG potential to stay in business for years not just some months!

I always chose to buy shares in funds that have a high Morningstar ranking, so go to
and be educated on stock trading and which funds you should invest in! 

Check out this video! 

I made an update on my website, a page about funds! 

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