Sunday, May 23, 2010

A New Generation Of Opportunities

In this indusry we see all kinds of models.The niche of MLM-programs, revenue sharing programs, other advertising opportunities and HYIP:s is a niche where the most of programs crashes after a short time.On the other hand there are opportunities that exists longer and where is the difference?

Of course, the opportunities that are here longer have got more sustainable models and more honest admins as well.

Is this simple facts?

Not that simple, of course, but I believe that it is possible with more long lasting programs if they have an enough sound structure.I would think the most networkers are most interested in a win-win situation where they also can get in profit and not have to lose too much money all the time and get disappointed again.

In fact, we have to see a new generation of opportunities that are handled more professional than before.

The New Generation Pictures, Images and Photos

Do you agree when I think it´s "too silent" from admins when they are facing difficulties? It is, and they have to be honest towards members.If they are facing difficulties they have to be precise and communicate towards members even then, so they and the members together can find a constructive solution in the midst of it all.

There is a wonderful quote and I think Einstein expressed it, correct me if I am wrong, "In the midst of every crisis, there lies an opportunity".

My ideal model is to connect an advertising company or investment to some recommended funds, which has a high ranking.Genius Funds which were rather long in business (I was in profit there):) had a very smart model but had to draw back from business due to difficulties.

However, take time to consider the top opportunies which I recommend on the right side there:)


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