Saturday, May 8, 2010

Psychology On The Market

The current financial situation is difficult and we can now see that the market is affected by the situation in Greece.

The reasons for this?


It´s corruption in that country and poor control of taxes,  for example which has lead to the current situation.

My shares in different funds are going down right now, but I know they will recover soon again as the market will recover.

In fact, that I have chosen several investments in russian funds isn´t any coincidence as they have experienced overall a significant growth the last years.

If you check out East Capital  for example , you can observe that they have been selected as the best fund worldwide from 2000-2009, so why not check out the different investing options there? However, I would suggest that you wait until the market is more stable again.

How can a situation in Greece affect the market so obvious worldwide then?

Psychology, and probably more that than facts.

If we, for example would see more investments in poor countries and overall more ethical(when it is true to it´s expression) investments, we would see more of ethical influence and responsibility on the stock market as well.

Today we can see a need of going in that direction and may we experience an awakening amongst world leaders in that direction.

Sweden experienced the same difficulties in the early 90:s but learned from this and today we have better control of our finances than the most countries.  

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