Monday, May 17, 2010

Stand out from the rest

I read a very interesting solo ad bought on Traffic Giantic 
which became very interesting.It was about the fact that many opportunities are very similar to each other in this time of marketing online and as you know I have touched this theme when it comes to your peronal brand, that you have to have an unique style in your marketing.Otherwise others will think about you as a "clone" of what someone else is doing online.

Now this is truth about different kind of opportunities as well.To found a model which stands out isn´t that easy, but I am totally convinced that this kind of "recognition" of an opportunity, also a sound model, of course, will make it more sustainable for the long haul.

The online business is flooded with "copies", but the originals with enough sustainable models will stay in business longer.

Try to have this in mind every time you are looking for a new opportunity, so it is worth the money spent there....

Renew end on 5/20/10: The 1 new purchase will renew 1 old position (position prior 2/22/10) will end on 5/20/10. If you have not yet renew your positions, you must renew by 5/20/10. We will start cleaning up the old positions soon. Your support tickets will be answered as soon as our new system scripts are upgraded.

For those who are members in 10DollarsWonder
there is a start date for new withdrawals as I understand it from the latest update so stay tuned there so continue to purchase and repurchase there cause it is in fact, still cycling!

Not bad for this advertising company after several years as an active business opportunity....

My shares in the funds I am investing in are going up again so I will check them later:) 

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