Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Surprises, but how?

You can agree that you are not building your business solely on surprises, are you?

But how are you building it?

Do you try and try and try with too little results or do you see any breakthrough anywere?

When you regurlarly review what you are doing and don´t waste any time on advertising that don´t deliver but chose efficient marketingsites and ways instead you will see your results increase instead.

You are then making it possible with surprises as well along the marketingroad.

I have often wondered how I was able to start earning money once when I earned my first money online as it looked so hard in the beginning but then suddenly it wasn´t so hard anymore, the tasks had become rather simple but then the challenge was to find the long term programs to be able to come in profit in those programs.

Since then I have experienced some programs profitable and others not, so I as the most networkers have mixed experiences but today it´s exciting as ever as I have a steady income stream from my shares in funds as well, even if they are going down right now depending on the financial crisis in Europe, to my company, Creative Marketer.

You must see some "breakthroughs" from time to time to reach the next level in your business, and the start and growth of my group on Facebook, Get Your Blog Followers (684 members) was such a breakthrough.


Sally Lee by the Sea said...

Great points! I also love your new blog layout - looks really professional.


Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Marie, I needed that right now.