Sunday, May 9, 2010

Timing And Attitude

Hehe, from time to time I am trying to predict the next trend and will do so now.....

When we have seen a trend lately of short term HYIP:s I would think we will see something else soon.I guess the most networkers want longer lasting programs to be founded and I believe that is possible but that requires the following:

1.Outside revenue streams of quality
2.Several products or services included on the site
3.Reasonable upgrade costs
4.Be loyal to the program
5.Limited risks 

I have written about multiple income streams and I still believe in that, but of course everything depends on the lifetime of the opportunity.

The ups and downs also depends on the current financial situation on the market, included stocks and funds, so we have to make our decisions after that too.

Remember one crucial thing, stick to your plan and vision and never give up!!

Sooner or later the market will go up again and then it´s time for new investments and upgrades and keep in mind, try to have a "timing" so you buy in the right time and sell in the right time.

Timing and attitude is everything!

I got a sign up in Xanadu Riches and you can see the banner to that surfer, which also has a non-surfer plan, here: 


healthyone said...

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Mattias Kroon said...

Hi halthyone!

That sounds interesting!

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sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing.

Mattias Kroon said...


That´s my goal, to make my blogposts attractive and interesting.Thanks for stopping by!