Monday, May 3, 2010

Track Your Results

Do you always have to come up with new ideas when it comes to online marketing?

No, you can keep what is working for you, but you should have an open heart for renewal both here and there.

I am sure you are active on social communities but have you started any group with success?

If you have, you have by that then free traffic to your sites if you, for example are blogging about them and you give out the link to the members in your group.

Of course, you as the founder have got big exposure in your group and at the same time you are creating an opportunity for others to get their exposure as well.

Therefore I started Get Your Blog Followers on Facebook 
and we are 675 members now, not bad eh?

You can do the same but don´t think you can learn everything about online marketing overnight cause it is always a learning curve and you have to track your results one way or the other to make sure what is efficient marketing and what kind of marketing that produces the best result.

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So, your task right now is to write down different suggestions to find the improvements for you.My tips to you right now is:

1.Build your contact list.
2.Strive for win-win situations
3.Track your results, what is really working?
4.If you are here to make money on the net, find the opportunities that produces real results.
5.Don´t be afraid of keeping the ways of marketing that works or to find new ways of it.

This should be your way of working online and as I mentioned, it is the ways of marketing that works and produces real results that counts.

Have a nice day! 

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