Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two Ways

We see the need of this more than ever.

Two ways where one is the right one.

One ethical and 100% legal way and one  way of scams and fraudulent sites.

The choice is yours and I suppose you have heard the decision in this time when it comes to banks and financial institutes, they now have more ethical rules to follow, which is good.

By the way, do you think it is a coincidence that the latest shakings on the stockmarket came as a result of the crisis in Greece? I don´t think so as it happened in a country where much of philosophy and today´s democracy were founded once.So now they have to discover a new more stronger groundfloor to make the democracy more sustainable?

Again, the ethical way is the right one.....

Only time will tell......

Cause if it´s anything which lead to this crisis it´s greediness and the sick love for money which is the root of all evil.

With that said there is a way to make decent money and you should chose the righteous way, especially if you are running a program and owe your members money.

I can see two ways here, two options and not the grey zone which we have seen too many years in the internet business, namely one 100% legal way where the founder clearly have an interest of being honest and fair towards the members, but also one dirty way where the founder is a hidden scamartist(disclosed later) and he has one interest, to fill his own pockets.

Therefore be sure that you register for legal opportunities and where you have a fair chance to get a good ROI for your money.You have to be sure that they have a clear product or service in their concept.

Unfortunately, there are only a very few opportunities I can recommend right now, and it is near to take away more from the list there, but I know that there are some honest admins out there and it is absolutely necessary to work with those.

The best opportunity to recommend right now is this, and they are buying and selling with websites and even improving them.When you buy shares in those(you never own them),
you are able to earn a fair share when they are selling them.You can start with 10 dollars:


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