Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Attitude Adjustment

I know an expression that I love and that is attitude is everything...

There is so much truth in that statement and if you follow it you can turn your bad feekings into something better and turn the day to the bright one instead!

Make sure that YOU are in control in your life and never let fear take control over YOUR feelings.

There is definitely a battle within your mind and you have to win that battle over the bad thoughts and negative feelings so that the positive thoughts and decisions of faith can win instead!

On that battlefield positive words and expressions are great and efficient weapons:

1.A great summer
2.A green grass field
3.Visions of eternity
4.A joyful heart
5.Create interesting music
6.Mighty stars

I use to read those words and expressions and let them sink into my heart and change me.It works, it is uplifting!

Faith, not hype, is the way and not fear.Selfrespect is as important as the attitude of respect for others, only then you are able to achieve true progress on other areas of your life.

Attitude is everything and a strong attitude! 

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