Saturday, June 26, 2010

Education Is More Than Hype

It is a fact that most networkers are following "hype" most of their time instead of doing a real research to find out what really works and what doesn´t amongst different programs and social networks.

Many networkers jump from opportunity to opportunity trying to find "the gold" and don´t spend any time to read through a real worthful education course that would help them along the way.

If you are spending at least some time every day trying to get your marketing skills that you need, if you are patient enough to find the most reliable opportunities and social networks, you could save much of your time you else would waste on poor results.

Nothing happens "overnight" but if you are patient and continue to build on your business, you should see real results!

I don´t believe in hype, I believe in education and proven methods and that is a HUGE difference!
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Many networkers think like this, wow! now I am hearing about this new social network rising somewhere, let me put all of my efforts there instead and whoooppss! In a moment they have forgot what they were building on with patience and with at least some success.

If you have found a concept that works, continue to work on that even if some "guru" tells you to go another way.

They think like this.You should always follow their advice or else you are missing the boat, but if you have found "your way" in it all, then continue with your vision even if it takes time!

Have respect for lovers in kindness and continue to communicate on the net! Don´t let fear and anxiety be your gods but let faith be your passion.

Thank you for your time,

Creative Marketer 


Robin said...

Enjoyed this very enlightening information. Enjoyed the read. rgrayson

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Robin!

I am glad it was to your help!