Friday, June 11, 2010

How To Pick A Winner?

How to pick a winner amongst funds?

You have to read market analyzis to predict which stock or fund that will be a winner.

As we can see now more than ever there is a need of stable, outside revenue streams to different programs and sustainable business ideas which will hold in the long run.A good fund or stock could be that outside revenue stream to make the opportunity more stable.

The biggest part of my business portfolio is fund shares and I am continuing to building on that.You can´t build a real business solely on short term programs but you need either long term shares in funds or sustainable, solid shares in advertising companies or other strong programs with enough models to reach profit with your business.

And where do you get your webtraffic from?

I use social media, I have the group on Facebook and I get it from several, efficient traffic exchanges

Always be open to the right opportunities, try to have a "timing" to jump on the business opportunities which are really good for you and where you can see a true potential not only in form of a good model but also an honest admin who cares for his members and who is generous.

Many experts are predicting that the best investments the coming ten years will be in gold in Africa and investments in supplies of raw materia....

Stay tuned for more on this!

Have an exciting weekend! 

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