Sunday, June 13, 2010

Make The Difference

I know how it was in the early days of my online marketing.I felt threatened by those who knew more and had hard to learn from them.This had also to do by those "gurus" who shared their experience with 
not so much wisdom always.

But when I have been able to take it in, then it has been shared rather with patience and wisdom knowing that we all are humans and we are a little sensitive sometimes too.

So, share your experiences on internet marketing with wisdom and be aware of that you also once have been in the same situation.

Is there a "perfect" way to make money?

No, my way has gone through many failures and I still have much more to learn, but on the other side I also know what I have learnt and have achieved so far.

There are no shortcuts to more stable, long term opportunities, they have to have a stable foundation and outside revenue streams as well to hold longer.

The only way to get rid of frustration is to build with the long term perspective and make it FUN! If you only could spare that one hour to take in necessary information to learn new skills, it could make the difference for YOU in YOUR business.I recommend you to read my former posts and to subscribe to my blog so you can get good tips on marketing all the time.

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Have a great week! 

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