Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Personal Value

How strong is your character? Do you easily fall for temptations?

When I am working online I have seen that there are many sidesteps, traps and temptations to avoid and if you want to make progress you have to make your way by building not only friendship but character in your life as well.

To make the right decision to chose the right business opportunity and to chose the one with quality and which stands stronger than the others.

Are you a recruiter? Many recruiters don´t value personal relationships but my point of view on this is when I invite others I want to give something to this person along the way so they can feel that they are recoqnized and valued as persons.
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We could talk about PBM, Personal Business Marketing, cause if you don´t have any time to train others, to share of your experiences, then what are they thinking? They would then be treated like numbers in a line....

Every person you invite to a certain community or program is worth so much and you should care more along the way.

Set a goal this week to care about at least one person and do something specific of value for that person, whatever comes in your mind to do.

Don´t forget your PV, Personal Value! 


Elizabeth said...

I find my temptation to be about buying expensive advertisements because it seems as if things go well and than they just stop dead and I want to give up

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Elisabeth!

I have good news for you! I was in the exactly same situation a couple of years ago and I bought expensive advertisments with rather poor results but with more experience and knowledge in my marketing I have learnt to purchase ads in programs where I also can get a fair return on investment back from it.If you have more questions about online marketing and buying advertisments, contact me, my gmail is kroon125@gmail.com.I would also recommend you to check out the opportunities I have listed to the right there.