Friday, June 18, 2010

The Potential Of Blogging

A new business idea is born out of a need.That is my vision for a new business idea and of course in one way or the other you want to make some money on it along the way.

But if money is the only motive you have your vision won´t stand for long cause you got to have a passion also for the product or service you have.

The only money I have made on Get Your Blog Followers 
is when those who sign up for opportunities I blog about turns to be paying members.On the other hand, in the future this group may turn to a real business opportunity with options to upgrade and be able to get more benefits even if it probably in that future scenario will be a free sign up as well.

Anyway, those who are following my blog knows that I am earning money both on my fundshares and on Wbwso, for example. 

Now, our group on Facebook  is growing steadily out from that interest, people are discovering what blogging is about and they want to express how their day has been, what kind of interests they have, put words to a picture and much more.

Discover the potential of blogging now cause we will see many, many more blogs be started in the near future, it has just begun!

Take your time, get your blog experience, get your education for it and don´t be afraid of mistakes, we all do them but we should learn a lot from them and improve slightly for every day... Button Pictures, Images and Photos


Robyn Campbell said...

I have tried to sign into blog catalog. Three times I made an account and each time when I try to login, it won't accept my username or email. Says they're invalid. When I signed in with authorswrite, it said it was available. And I know my email is right. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Robyn!

Fill in the form to have your login sent to your emailinbox, and then log in again.If that won´t help you have to contact them via email.

Mattias Kroon said...

To be more specific, to have your password sent to your emailinbox.

Jamie said...


I am a new follower. I found your blog through your facebook group.

please check out my blog and fan page:!/pages/North-Augusta/Jamie-Independent-Avon-Representative/123826297655775?ref=sgm&ajaxpipe=1&__a=4

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Jamie!

Thanks and I have respond to your invitation there:)