Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for?

Have you read that in the end of an ad in an email or any other site?
I am sure you have and sometimes there can be a measure of truth in it, cause if the opportunity is a good one you should probably join, but if you have doubt about it, you should probably wait, listen to your gutfeeling inside...

If you are building up earnings in some programs, it is probably better to have some patience and continue with that than to rush into another "short term program" which will end after only a short while.

I was adviced to do so already when I started my online venture, but then I have discovered that one needs some more programs in the portfolio and nowadays I have also added my fundshares under the same umbrella.

I think you know the "circus" hearing that networkers are adding maybe even 15-20 programs as multiple income streams and then loosing money as the most of them did crash after only a couple of months.

And here is the great challenge in this industry, to break this evil circle and call for more long term opportunities which are more stable and where you probably would only need 3-4 of them to make a good profit and indeed decent cash!

Keep the good attitude!

If you are patient in your research, you will find them!

Don´t be distressed but read advertisments and focus on the professional ones who really give you something and remember:

If you help others to achieve what they need YOU will always get what you want! This is not selfishness, this is a win-win!
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