Monday, July 19, 2010

Education And Development

When you have seen many trends come and go online amongst money making opportunities you will always want to ask the question:

Why are some business opportunities more sustainable and long lasting than others?

You know which I use to recommend, I don´t need to do that every time, but what is it that makes them more long term than others?

Yes, the founders are more educated than others, they know that it requires enough of planning, skills, knowledgement and experience to found an opportunity and also being honest and fair to the members.

We internet marketers could try to predict trends all the time but when we are acting out from our experience, when we learn from the mistakes, when we avoid the scammers and when we develop what we are doing then we should see more maturity in this niche.

We should then probably see more business opportunities with excellent business ideas stay longer, for years and then the potential to get in profit in those would be higher.

So, don´t just jump from opportunity to opportunity but take your time for certain education when you need it as well.In fact, there are some good e-books out there with quality as well.
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One other thing here.

Yesterday I wrote about which kind of social communities I recommend and which you should avoid.Today I want to include 
AdlandPro amongst those I recommend and I have been a member there for years.You are able to meet many friends and business associates there, take a look!  


Sibel said...

With the internet growing exponentially there is new opportunities every minutes offering great money doing very little. Any body that believe any claim of get quick rich scheme must still believe in the tooth fairy or Santa Claus.
thank you for your report.

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Sibel!

Right, that´s why a networker must work on the long term with opportunities that truly deliver what they are claiming!