Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Family

I am on my way to vacation and after this week it is time for a four weeks off the regular job which is cleaner for me.As you should know by now I am working parttime online, but my goal is more eventually.We all need to take it step by step and you know as me that the competition online is very tough.

We often hear numbers of only 3-4 % who really succeed online and the rest hardly earns money, at least not especially much.

Let´s work in the direction to straighten out those percents so more networkers can get the necessary training and education that is needed to get the reasonable piece of the cake....

Of course I am serious about my list of opportunities and on the top there is the the best, Wbwso which I have described very clearly in former posts.

Work smart all the time online and if a program only is a waste of time and money, skip it and stay focused on the things that works for you.You should get a fair ROI in any program that you spend time and money to market online.Time=Money as you know, just common sense.Some networkers thinks that the programs need to be veeery advanced to get a grip on but it doesn´t necessarily has to be so.On the other side it requires some skills along the way and regular efforts by you.

If you want to succeed with funds and stocks you need to read market analyzis about them and pick the most promising.

Stay positive.What causes good and positive feelings for you?
Think about it.Try to focus and never let bitterness defeat you, don´t get too lonely, find you good friends both on and offline cause you know that you need them and they need you.

We are a BIG family!!
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