Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Narrow Path

Many networkers are burnt  today after a wave of cheap HYIP:s who proved to be nothing else but scams and it is easy to find excuses here and they exists of course.

But as a serious networker you also have the responsibility to do your research and find the most reliable opportunities out there.

And there we are, in the need of a new sound trend in this niche where networkers have to avoid the scams and make a decision to work with the most honest admins.

The new trend has to be more long term and aim at better results overall.This doesn´t mean that everything has been bad before, it doesn´t mean that there are no good opportunities but it means that we have to be better to do a more serious research to find out if a founder is a real trader, if he is accessable, if he/she is the one he/she claims to be.

But to be too sceptical and suspicious against everything won´t help you.I remember that I mentioned in an earlier post that we should see investments with a lower risk than the typical HYIP:s that have shown to be notorious scams.

 The narrow way....maybe, but not impossible to walk along.....

I would think that this is possible if the founder prooves to be a real investor and if he, for example, can proove that he is investing in external funds which are connected to the opportunity and where the profits from that external income source goes back to the members in his opportunity.They should be able to add an affiliate program to that as well. 

If you are a founder,

Find your best external funds connected to your opportunity



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