Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Say It, Blogging!

A blogger in our group, Get Your Blog Followers wrote that she felt empty when she was away from her writings.At the same time her friends had wondered where she was.This is the purpose with blogging, it should meet a need you have and it should meet a need your readers have.

Some who are new in our group often ask, "what should I blog about"?

The answer is to blog about something you are passionate about, something that is in your thoughts, your business, your interests or a travel.

It could be anything that catches your readers interest.

A key is to make it fun, enjoyable and exciting at the same time.You must have knowledge what you blog about of course but then it´s up to your imagination what it will be in the end, don´t limit yourself!
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I often write about my business but I don´t limit myself there but share my tips on blogging overall.

1.Be passionate
2.Get knowledge and enough sources about your content
3.Get your followers
4.Communicate with your readers
5.Try to have variety in your writings.

If you always learn from those who have experience in blogging and open your heart for good advises then you should improve your own blogging slightly from day to day.



Anonymous said...

follow back? and hey, thanks for the advice there..

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Anonymous!

If you give me your link I will follow you back:)

The Blue Faerie said...
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The Blue Faerie said...

Good overall advice for starting an interesting blog. On the flip side, though, I think there are things to avoid that generally make a horrible blog. Self-loathing. Personal rants against random people. ...photos of cute babies next to soft core porn. You laugh, but I've seen it. And God, I can't wash my eyeballs enough.

But communicating with followers is definitely a must. They're what keep us going.

P.S. Thanks for joining my blog. Currently, you're winning. :)

Mattias Kroon said...

You´re right The Blue Faerie!

I agree and if you are a member in our bloggroup on FB you can read my policy against adultsites and other inappropriate sites.

Take a look at our group:


stripydressXx said...

Aha, i forgot to post a link :]
Mainly about friends and life, i'm still searching for my area really,

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi stripydressxX!

Your area is where your passion is:)
Blog about something you have knowledge about:)

graceofgodgoI said...

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Randall said...

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