Sunday, July 18, 2010

Think Twice

I knew it and I have seen it before.Some never learn along the way as long as they can decieve others.

Do you want the truth?

I joined Swom some months ago to check out what it was about, nowadays these social communities "pop up" everywhere and the most of them are copies of others.When I have joined they told me that I should upgrade to gold to be able to make any money at all in their network.I was bombarded with messages from members that I merely had to upgrade with a pressure that reminds me of the "old MLM days" where you had to fill a matrix to be able to earn anything at all.

After all, I have a lot of experience online and I am making money!
But I want to spend them right! 

These kind of models where your only way to earn money is by recruiting others to it and where they are forced to upgrade as soon as possible will never work, and that is the overall experience for nearly every networker.You should more invite others and not with that kind of strange pressure, it won´t work.

Now everyone know here as my regular reader that I run an interesting group at Facebook called Get Your Blog Followers
and that is the social network with Twitter that works out the best for me.

As I have mentioned before, a sound social network contains uplifting discussions, interesting groups and sound interacting with others without the strange pressure that others have to force you to upgrade.You should upgrade whenever YOU want and where it is beneficial to YOU, this isn´t selfishness this is a good advice to spend the money on good opportunities and on advertising campaigns where you get a fair return on YOUR money!   

A note here.10DollarsWonder  is moving to a new server and if you can´t log in now, try later! I am hoping for a continuation in that program cause the admin there, Chung has paid us members for years there:)

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